Screwing up isn’t bad.

Stopping is.

Sure, it doesn’t feel good. But messing up and starting again is a skill, an essential one. But more importantly, it’s a skill that gets better with practice.

And for those of us who mess up a lot–myself included–that’s the best news ever.

What is resilience?

Simply put, it’s the ability to recover quickly and bounce back from failure, difficulties, or challenges. Resilience is important for anyone who wants to grow and improve–regardless of age.

What is grit?

Grit is what keeps you going. Resilience is how you achieve goals and succeed. But grit is the why. It’s the passion and drive that keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Want to bounce back better?

An easy way to increase resilience is to put–and keep–failure in the proper perspective. Mistakes truly can be a positive thing. They’re evidence of effort and can absolutely lead to learning. So, go ahead! Screw up–just don’t stop there. Start again armed with the knowledge that you’re never truly starting from scratch if you take the time to learn from what happened before. Much like anything else, bouncing back gets easier with practice.

Want to reach a goal?

Focus on gaining grit.

Grit is what keeps us going despite screwing up over and over and over again. And fortunately, grit isn’t an “all or nothing” proposition. Even if you don’t feel like you have it now, you can get it. It can be cultivated and gained. Increase yours by reminding yourself of where it is you want to be, what what you want to achieve, and the specific steps you need to get there.

Be intentional about acknowledging that getting anywhere takes time–including reaching your goals. Success isn’t just a destination, it’s a process. Grow your grit by accepting this fact and planning your journey accordingly.

Books to Help You Get There

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