SCI Kite: What's the Matter? (Physical Science Activities) cover

“6 year old loves this packet and is learning new terms in a fun way…”

Michelle B.

Get children excited about and learning science while encouraging them to innovate, too—all with this book.

With SCI Kite, kids immediately get to seek new information, consider different possibilities and investigate new ideas—their own ideas. That’s because every SCI Kite book is plugged into science, and fueled by your child’s creativity.

Easily help your child interact with science like never before using this book.

  • No special setup or supplies required
  • Great way to introduce and reinforce key science concepts
  • Open-ended activity prompts get kids thinking about and interacting with science facts immediately
  • Encourages kids to innovate and visually communicate new ideas
  • Combines science with art, making it fun for a wide-variety of ages

In SCI Kite: What’s the Matter? Physical Science Activities, kids get to:

  • Find a needle in a haystack (and draw other items that a magnet can find).
  • Use reflected light to read and write secret messages.
  • Engineer a compound machine to complete a task they don’t like to do and much, much more.


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