Hi, I’m Shannon—and I get it.

I get that when you’re mentally exhausted, even reading a full page of text can feel like a lot of work—even if it holds the promise of help.

And anxiety, I get that, too.

I understand how it can sneak up when least expected or even stick around and drag you down like an ever-present anchor.

I get it because I experience all this, too. And it’s been my own need for real, accessible help that’s pushed me forward to find a way out: out of the feeling of helplessness, out of the frustration, out into better mental and emotional health.

I’m a former teacher, current mom and accidental writer. I’m also someone who struggles with stress and knows (all too well) the painful toll that everyday life can take on our hearts and lives.

In short, I wanted things to be better. I wanted to feel better. And that’s where it all began.

Shannon Medisky
Shannon Medisky

I am not a counselor, mental health professional or psychologist. I have no slew of letters behind my last name. Instead, I’m simply someone who decided that I wanted to live life better.

But all the help I reached out for seemed inaccessible. I (honestly) didn’t have time to devote to large, thick books. Any free time I had was a small and valuable commodity. I saw numerous counselors, but that became difficult to squeeze in, too—and the cost became a financial burden. I contacted several support organizations specifically in regard to parenting a child with special needs. But sadly, any practical help or support they were able to extend all came woefully too late and or fell too short.

Rather than just give up—I couldn’t give up!—I decided to start designing the kind of tools, strategies and techniques I desperately needed myself. Life is hard. I don’t think help should be. And that’s exactly how The Feel Deal was born. It’s a place where you can find encouragement, ideas and tools to help you take better care of your most valuable resource: You!

So, welcome! Have a peek around. Get to know me. It’s my hope that you’ll find real encouragement and practical ideas to help you start living life better, too.

Shannon Medisky
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