Join me on a journey to cultivate self-control.
Let’s live intentionally, always striving to carefully respond rather than simply react.

I’m a former teacher, current mom and accidental writer. I’m also someone who struggles with stress and knows (all to well) the painful grip that anxiety can have on our hearts and lives.

Our experiences and journeys are all unique, but often the challenges are the same.

  • How do we create positive change? (And how do we keep a good thing going?)
  • How can we respond in positive ways to challenging situations?
  • How can we effectively navigate the emotional terrain inside our own hearts and minds?

Self-Control doesn’t just happen. It has to be practiced.

Too often, we fall into the trap of wishing for things to improve, wanting things to get better. We waste precious time in the waiting for things that may never come. The reality is that sometimes things just suck, and it’s us who have to change.

I don’t just write about what I know. I write about what I desperately need to learn—and am still learning everyday. And it’s been in the midst of deep personal struggle that I’ve struck gold. It’s been through many, many mistakes that I’ve gained insight and through a great deal of frustration and failure that I’ve discovered ways to navigate negative situations in positive ways.

I am not a counselor, mental health professional or psychologist. I have no slew of letters behind my last name. Instead, I’m someone who decided that I wanted to live life better. I came to the hard conclusion that there is much about my life that I simply cannot change. In short, I realized that I could only change myself. And that realization gave me hope coupled with a profound sense of responsibility.

So, welcome! Have a peek around. Get to know me. It’s my hope that you’ll find real encouragement and practical ideas to help you start living life better, too. I invite you to join me on the journey towards cultivating self-control in all circumstances—even the stressy, messy ones.

Shannon Medisky