Hi, I’m Shannon—and I get it.

That’s exactly why I know how to help.

Shannon Medisky
Shannon Medisky

The best help is what’s been proven to work, the kind that’s been tried by someone who’s been there.

And I don’t mean a fire hose of help, either. I mean accessible, easy-to-understand, and simple-to-implement help—help that can be put to use right away and that makes a real difference.

Hi, I’m Shannon Medisky. I’m a stress mitigation strategist, emotional wellness educator, and an expert in how to screw up the right way.

Life is hard. But I don’t think help should be. So, I create tools, techniques and resources to help you gain—and retain—control in any situation no matter what. Even if all you can control is your response, that’s not just a lot. That’s everything! And that’s because you are your most valuable resource.

That’s a bit about what I do. But it’s not the “why.” Honestly, the driving force behind everything I create is—frankly—frustration.

Curious? Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a former teacher, current mom, and accidental writer. I’m also someone who struggles with stress, wrestles with worry, and screws up way more often than I’d like to admit.

Like everyone else, I’ve experienced a great deal of challenges and frustrations. Parenting a child with a mountain of special medical and developmental needs can be rough. Living with a physical disability myself can be exhausting. And managing traumatic memories and emotions from the past can leave me feeling more than a little down.

But I knew I didn’t want my story to end there. I had an unrelenting determination to “flip the script.” I wanted to make things better.

But I failed. Sometimes—often times—there’s absolutely nothing we can do to make things better. That’s the raw but real truth.

Fortunately, though, I came to discover another equally real truth that spurred me forward:

Stuff grows where crap goes.

So can we.

Shannon Medisky

All our messy, stressy “stuff” can either be the crap that continues to hold us down or fertilizer that helps us grow. It’s all the same icky stuff. It’s our perspective—and what we do with it—that makes all the difference.

And here at The Feel Deal, you’ll find (real) stories, practical ideas and accessible resources to help guide you to intentionally choosing the latter.

So, welcome! Have a peek around. It’s my sincere hope that you’re able to find some real help that you can put to use right away.

You may feel overwhelmed by a lot of crap. But consider for a moment that you’re simply planted, not buried. It may just be time to get growing.

Shannon Medisky
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