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10 Ways to Confidently Manage Change

Change can leave us feeling disoriented, frustrated, anxious, excited, or all of the above. These ten strategies will help empower and equip you to handle it—no matter how you feel.

1. Find comfort in the familiar.

Your mind and thoughts are no doubt preoccupied with all the current “newness” change has thrown your way. Temper it with some stability, too. Purpose to focus on what hasn’t changed. Make a mental or written list of these things and revisit it often. It will help bring balance back where change has threatened to tip the scale.

2. Identify what you can control.

There are many things entirely out of our control, and transitions can leave anyone feeling disoriented. Tackle this feeling by determining specific things you can affect. Identifying where you are capable of making change will not only help you feel empowered it will equip you with concrete ideas about what to do next.

3. Claim the strength in numbers.

What you’re facing may be completely new to you, but others have likely faced it before in one way or another. Exploit this. Seek help from those who have already been there and done it (successfully). Learn from the mistakes of others. Carefully pick cheerleaders to encourage you.

4. Capitalize on stress.

Yes, you read that correctly. That stress that you’re feeling right now, that’s energy. Don’t waste it. Put it to positive use. When it starts to rear its ugly head, let it spur you into action and help you stave off an even worse enemy: procrastination.

5. Retain consistency however you can.

Change can be intimidating and exhausting. That’s okay. But strive to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible in the midst of it. Do all that you can to maintain your normal routine and habits. Sure, some things may have changed, but not everything has to.

6. Watch your words (to yourself).

Semantics matter—including when it comes to our self-talk. Pause and consider what your private thoughts are communicating. Would you say the same words to a good friend? If not, purpose to practice the same compassion towards yourself, too. You’re going through a lot. Change is never easy. Give yourself a break and speak only kind, supportive, positive words.

7. Savor the silver lining.

Change can be challenging. But it can also be a very good thing. Without it, we would be stuck and static. Your feelings and thoughts have likely already combed through all the negative aspects. Be sure to take time to catalog all the positives, too.

8. Find the funny.

Nothing can put out the fire of frustration better than a bit of humor, and at a time when tension tends to run high, that can be a real gift. Take advantage of this as much as possible. A little laughter can make almost anything—even change—a lot easier.

9. View mistakes as proof of progress, not failure.

You’ve never been here or done this before. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in the middle of experiencing change. Remind yourself of this whenever you start to feel discouraged. You cannot expect yourself to navigate perfectly what you’ve never done before. So, any step is a step in the right direction.

10. You’re capable! Prove it to yourself.

You might very well be dealing with something brand new. You’ll likely start—or continue—to doubt yourself. But no matter how you feel, anchor yourself with one important truth: You are capable. You’ve conquered challenges before. You know and can do a lot. And you have concrete proof. Just let your mind’s eye hit rewind. Whenever the journey towards the future feels daunting, take a stroll down memory lane to revisit the successes you’ve worked hard to earn along the way.

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