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Change can leave us feeling disoriented, frustrated, anxious, excited, or all of the above. These ten strategies will help empower and equip you to handle it—no matter how you feel.
Feelings and emotions are closely related. But they're not the same. Emotions are instinctual while feelings are processed and personal.
My youngest son, Mark, once locked himself in a stall inside a men’s restroom. But that isn’t the only way and place Mark ever got stuck. His self-helplessness kept him stuck, too. Change became an enemy to be feared, an adversary to be avoided at all costs.
An accomplished photographer friend of mine had graciously volunteered to come over and snap some photos of our new family of four. With the adoption finally complete, Mark had arrived home just five months or so earlier, and we'd be needing some photos for Mark's readoption application.
It was a cool, crisp Fall day, a welcomed change from the hot, stifling weather we’d had just weeks before. And as the boys and I packed up their backpacks for the very first day of school, we couldn’t help but get excited about the holidays that were to come, too.

Hi! I’m Shannon, and I’m a former teacher, current mom, and
an accidental writer.

Life is hard.
I don’t think help should be.

That’s why I create short, simple, and specific resources to help us feel better so we can get growing and do better.

Get to know me better here.

Shannon Medisky

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