Life a mess?

YOU don’t have to be.

Emotional management describes an essential set of skills that enable us to effectively respond to emotions. Don’t leave your emotional well-being to chance. Instead, join me in learning how to handle the whole range of emotions in healthy and positive ways.

Hi, I’m Shannon…

I’m a leading expert in struggling with stress, screwing up and shouldering a crap-ton of responsibilities. A former teacher, a current mom and an accidental writer, I create resources and share strategies based upon one simple truth: Life is hard. Help shouldn’t be.

Learn How to Navigate Your Inner Terrain

Everything gets better with practice—including YOU. Discover specific ways to improve your mental and emotional well-being.
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Stress & Struggles

Discover specific help for difficult situations.

Self-Control Strategies icon


Learn how to intentionally respond rather than just react.

Feelings & Emotions icon

Feelings & Emotions

Find ways to manage your emotions and feelings.

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Resilience Training

Gain insights on how (exactly) to get up and keep going.

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Mental Health

Get ideas on how to improve your mental well-being.


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